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Hard Nightguard SKU 1215 · Fabricated with a hard heat-cured acrylic for a precise fit. · Extremely durable, rigid · Recommended for heavy bruxers with moderate TMJ concerns.
Migraine Prevention Appliance SKU 1245 Prevent annoying and unhealthy snoring! As many as 160 million people are negatively affected by snoring! You can now prescribe an affordable, custom-made snore prevention device that is comfortable for the wearer. How it works: Migraine is caused by severe muscles contractions of intense jaw clenching. If not treated properly, migraine may become a life-threat disorder. If you or somebody in your family, suffer of chronic headaches and TMJ pain, morning headaches or stiff neck, migraine is very likely to be the cause. But thanks to the new technologies available, migraine can be now successfully treated. This new technology is called — MPA (migraine prevention appliance). The MPAbite guard is a small, nearly invisible removable device that patients can wear when they are sleeping and will help to prevent intense jaw clenching while asleep. The MPA is a custom- fitted device that prevents the tooth surfaces from ever coming into intense contact, thus eliminating high intensity clenching. The MPA device can also be fitted to wear all day long. So if you suffer from chronic headaches, painful aching jaw, morning headaches, or stiff neck, tell your dentist about it. The MPA bite guard may help.
Soft Nightguard SKU 1205 · Fabricated with Pro-Form with a specifically developed bite index for a secure, comfortable fit. · Recommended for younger patients or those with mild to moderate bruxism.
Talon Nightguard SKU 1225 REDUCE CHAIRTIME with the instant fit Nightguard. Self-seating that softens under warm water to exact fit! Fabricated with a thermoplastic methacrylate material with additional hard acrylic on the occlusal surfaces for bite resilience. The pliability of the Talon allows the Nightguard to engage into the buccal and lingual surfaces of the teeth, eliminating the need for wire clasps. Patients will enjoy the lightness and comfort. Recommended for moderate to heavy bruxers with TMJ concerns. · As durable as the hard nightguard, but much more comfortable · Requires no internal adjustments at seating · Patients will enjoy the lightness and comfort · Recommended for moderate to heavy bruxers with TMJ concerns Talon® is a patented, thermoplastic methacrylate that is best thought of as retention for conventional, hard interocclusal dental appliances. Talon® loses rigidity at mouth temperature to engage dental undercuts.
TCS Nightguard SKU 1233 · Made entirely of nylon, making it stronger than acrylic but not as durable as the Talon. · Good for patients with very deep buccal/lingual undercuts. This is an excellent alternative for patients allergic to acrylics. · Flexible occlusal surface (may encourage patient chewing) · Not recommended for the strongest bruxers.
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