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All Natural Enhance your Patients Smile and Self-esteem with All Natural Dentures SKU 1020 REDUCE ADJUSTMENTS! A new generation of resins, more comfortable, more stain resistant, and stronger that its predecessors. The tcs All Natural Denture allows you to offer your patients a denture that is significantly thinner than conventional acrylic dentures. TCS All Natural is a high performance acrylic that is injection molded, the unique injection process gives the denture a superior fit. Because tcs All Natural is so lightweight and thin, patients' adjustment periods are considerably reduced. · Excellent esthetics · Superior wear characteristics · Lightweight and thin yet durable
Suction-Cup Denture Complete with Kenson Teeth SKU 1050 A large number of small suction cups formed from a soft resilient silicone rubber are processed in an otherwise conventional denture. These small suction cups grip the oral tissue without causing any pathosis returns. The tissue tends to temporarily assume the form of the cups, but then return to normal when the dentures are removed. The tissue appears normally pink, moist and healthy. This technique solves many of the physiological and psychological problems associated with denture wearing.